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Ahi Madstab – All you need to DIY!

With the very kind help of Steve Lange 🙂 – Lisez la version en français ici.

I will detail here every aspect of my Ahi Madstab modifications: drawings, construction, and setup. I hope you will try it, and like it!

In a previous article in French I shared a few thoughts about this, but I’ve improved my system and now I am satisfied: I’m able to perform multiple flips and experience no flutter at all while flying at high speed. You can download the PDF file and print it if you will be making your own pieces using hand tools, or you can use this .svg file for lasercutting (Note: you will have to prepare your own file for each thickness with copy/paste, etc.). Lire la suite

About SB96V airfoil on the Troll

Since a few months, I enjoy flying a Troll. As François is used to, this glider uses SB96V and SB96Vs airfoils.
These airfoils has been quite surprising for me, because I was used to fly with TP42/TP29 which are symetrical airfoils.
Quickly, I felt many differences in flight. These were so clear that I decided to investigate. May I be able with PredimRC (a tool designed by Franck Aguerre for aerodynamic analysis of plane models) to quantify these differences with some simple values?
Now I can answer « yes! ». This article will deal with my steps to this conclusion. Lire la suite

Seven piloting stages

From dream to reality and vice versa

Some are focused on reproducing full scale aircraft as closely as possible. These are model builders. Others subtract or add seconds from flight times, flying a racer or a sailplane. These are competitors. Others perform a unique and ephemeral dance with their model, to fit into a beautiful landscape. These are acrobats. To achieve such a dance one must undergo an initiation, together with a discipline. As discipline is out of style today, we seek a sportier term. And, as initiation is a archaic, so too a more current term is needed. From impoverishment of language, it is challenging to name the slow progression of a beginner toward knowledge, to mastery, and finally to something approaching perfection.

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