SC17/17s Flaps

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SC17, an aerobatic airfoil proposal

It is a great pleasure for me to propose here, in collaboration with François, the coordinates of a pair of airfoils dedicated to aerobatic gliders: SC17 and SC17s.

It is not a revolution. As the article will show, the idea is to cross aerodynamic analysis with flight impressions to produce an airfoil adapted to the type of flying I’m hoping to achieve. With some explanations, it’s also an invitation to experiment and share your own airfoil creations!

La version française de cet article est ici. Thanks to Steve Lange for help with English version 🙂 Lire la suite

Ahi Madstab – All you need to DIY!

With the very kind help of Steve Lange 🙂 – Lisez la version en français ici.

I will detail here every aspect of my Ahi Madstab modifications: drawings, construction, and setup. I hope you will try it, and like it!

In a previous article in French I shared a few thoughts about this, but I’ve improved my system and now I am satisfied: I’m able to perform multiple flips and experience no flutter at all while flying at high speed. You can download the PDF file and print it if you will be making your own pieces using hand tools, or you can use this .svg file for lasercutting (Note: you will have to prepare your own file for each thickness with copy/paste, etc.). Lire la suite