Ahi Madstab – All you need to DIY!

With the very kind help of Steve Lange 🙂 – Lisez la version en français ici.

I will detail here every aspect of my Ahi Madstab modifications: drawings, construction, and setup. I hope you will try it, and like it!

In a previous article in French I shared a few thoughts about this, but I’ve improved my system and now I am satisfied: I’m able to perform multiple flips and experience no flutter at all while flying at high speed. You can download the PDF file and print it if you will be making your own pieces using hand tools, or you can use this .svg file for lasercutting (Note: you will have to prepare your own file for each thickness with copy/paste, etc.).

The photo gallery contains all the details. It is followed by some information on my transmitter mixing and settings. Finally, a small video shows the ability to flip and to fly fast without flutter using this madstab. Click the images to see the captions, which contain detailed explanations.

Feel free to ask questions using the comment section, below! This will help prompt me to share information that I might have forgotten to mention above.

Warning: This system is not suitable for gliders over 800g/30oz! Check out the madstab page by François for that… 😉


Center of Gravity (CofG): At least 85mm from the leading edge (LE) for positive and negative multiple flips, adjusting to suit your preference thereafter. To start more cautiously, try a CG of 75-80mm from LE, and then adjust to your personal preferences.

Transmitter Settings: You will need exponential! Personally, I prefer a custom curve in 3 segments as shown in the diagram below. Check your transmitter’s manual for more information on setting up custom curves.


Note: I configure my Taranis so that the trim setting is independent of the endpoint settings. Without this, a few notches of trim sometimes change the madstab’s position by more than 5 °. This can considerably soften flips, or even make them impossible.


Here are detailed shots of my setup, followed by a little bit of flying to demonstrates the ability to multiflips as well as high speed flight without flutter.

And just for fun, the 1st place video of summer 2017 Ahi contest on Facebook group « VTPR & Slope Aerobatics »:

Feel free to share your impressions and ask your questions using comments…
Enjoy the wind-powered-fun! 😉

8 réflexions sur “Ahi Madstab – All you need to DIY!

  1. Andre dit :

    Merci Stéphane de partager avec nous tout ce travail.
    N’étant pas expert bricoleur, je ne suis pas sûr d’avoir tout compris, mais avec les plans, toutes les photos et en essayant de le réaliser soi-même, je suis sûr maintenant que c’est possible.
    Je vais déjà apprendre à maîtriser le planeur de base avant de me lancer dans cette amélioration notable qui multiplie encore les possibilités déjà impressionnantes de ce petit planeur.
    La vidéo est sublime et montre que la voltige planeur a atteint un nouveau niveau.
    Encore merci et bravo…


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