Qu’en pensez-vous ? What do you think?

Voici quelques images prises sur la plage de Costinești en Roumanie, devant l’épave de l’Evangelia échouée ici depuis 1968. Cet article est une invitation aux voltigeurs planeur à exprimer votre ressenti en voyant ces photos, éventuellement au delà de la voltige seulement… N’hésitez pas à commenter ! Here are some pictures shot at Costinești in Romania, in front of Evangelia’s shipwreck, which stays here since 1968. This article is an invitation to the slope aerobatic pilots to express on your feelings by seeing these photos, possibly beyond the aerobatics only … Feel free to comment!

Merci Karin pour les photos !


5 réflexions sur “Qu’en pensez-vous ? What do you think?

  1. surfimp dit :

    I love the photos. What an interesting flying site! The ship reminds me of a place I’ve surfed a few times in Baja California, Mexico. I’m curious about the slope, is it steep? Hard to retrieve or easy? It appears the lift is very smooth and laminar… looks like a really fun spot! Perhaps you will perfect your inverted rudder drags? 🙂


    • Stéphane Combet dit :

      Hey Steve,
      The slope is not very steep at this point, something like 40°. It is easy to retrieve, with grass and a 10m wide beach of sand. But that day, there was no wind at all! I just launch strongly a few time the Ahi to make the pictures as I loved very much the graphical style of this place. I hope I will come back with some wind, but this place is 2 hours by car so… We’ll see how much time I will try! And you’re right, I want to perfect drags 🙂



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